About Chef.

Our executive chef, Rebecca Ng was born and raised in the beautiful island of Tasmania. Surrounded by the natural beauty, fresh air and pure water, she developed an appreciation for exceptional produce.

As a young child, she and her sister would pretend they were starring in their own TV cooking show. This dream brought Rebecca where she is today.

As an apprentice, Rebecca won a scholarship to work alongside her idol, internationally renown chef, Tetsuya Wakuda. From this invaluable experience, she learnt the importance of precision and technique.

After qualifying as a chef, she started at Longrain, Melbourne. It was there that her love for Thai food flourished. After a few years of hard work, she was rewarded with a promotion to sous chef.


Prior to starting up U, Ma & Me, Rebecca was head chef at Magic Mountain Saloon.


Rebecca thinks there is nothing better than home-made.